Sally Gilliver


Sally encourages others to share her enthusiasm for being fit and healthy. She has always enjoyed being actively engaged in sports and physical activity, which included playing hockey to county level when at school and, as an adult, cycling, orienteering, and running. She is a member of a running club, and especially enjoys hill running, which is useful if you live in Macclesfield. In 2014, Łukasz encouraged her to try out CrossFit and she finds it a fun and effective way to build strength and conditioning that help her outdoor activities.

As well as being a qualified personal trainer, Sally has a degree in Sports, Coaching & Exercise Science, and a research degree in Muscle Physiology. She has continued to develop as a coach, and in addition to being a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, completed a CrossFit Masters course to learn more about teaching CrossFit to the over-40s and now runs MaxOn’s masters classes designed for this age group.

Sally broke her arm as a child and the way it was reset means that she is unable to get into position for some of the standard movements used in CrossFit. She finds this frustrating but also a useful reminder that CrossFit can be adapted to suit all capabilities.

Sally likes to keep a sense of fun in training, while still encouraging you to work your socks off.


DIY Skills

Minimal… although Sally will happily pick up a tool and pass it to Łukasz to do the repairs & maintenance


Fondness For Press Ups

While recognising that press ups are a great exercise, Sally clings on firmly to the belief that it's her long arms that make them particularly difficult.


Smiley In The Morning

Just wobbles if she hasn't had a cup of coffee.



Enthusiastic about the value of physical activity and exercise for health.