Melissa Sharp


Melissa has always been involved in sport and exercise, participating in netball, basketball, waterpolo, swimming, football and rounders. Her biggest achievement to date is representing Dubai in the European Netball Championships. Following a nutritional plan, developing her strength and conditioning, and being part of a team were a few highlights during competition training.

Melissa is a team player and enjoys the friendly atmosphere at Crossfit MaxOn. Being able to coach and work with people from a range of backgrounds and fitness levels is what keeps her striving to be a better coach. Participating in CrossFit from 2018, Melissa quickly settled in with other members at MaxOn and qualified as a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer in October 2020. The CrossFit community is full of like-minded people who want to better themselves and Melissa enjoys helping people be the best they can be. Melissa finds that the best part of being a coach is watching people take on challenges they never thought they would be able to achieve.

Melissa enjoys CrossFit as it is always varied, constantly challenging and provides a little friendly competition! Her favourite movements (being 6ft tall) are wall balls and rowing.


Fondness For The Cold

During the winter months, you will find Melissa in plenty of layers, although that does not last long.



Given her longer limbs, burpees are not Melissa’s strong point!


Wall Balls

Melissa loves wall balls and her Karen time currently sits at 05:35.



Melissa loves a good chat and enjoys catching up with the members.