Dave Boulton


Dave has been doing CrossFit for longer than he can remember (although he has a short memory so it may not be that long!). He estimates it to be around 5 years and hopes that sometime in the next 5 years he will master at least one muscle-up.

Dave has been at MaxOn for a few years now. During this time, he had some great ideas (the best was completing his CrossFit Level 1 Course) and some not so great ideas (the worst was convincing the team to do 24 workouts within 24 hours). Dave has laughed, sweated, joked, danced (very badly) and trained his way through more than 1000 classes whilst at MaxOn, in an effort to improve his CrossFit skills and to justify his pizza consumption.

Dave is passionate about CrossFit and wants everyone to love it as much as he does. He brings that passion to every session regardless of whether he is coaching a class, lifting heavy weights or even doing burpees. He takes pride in coaching members to achieve a challenge that they thought was impossible for them. His greatest pleasure is when someone realises they are more capable, stronger, fitter and resilient than they thought.



I don’t have to like them, I just have to do them!


Heavy Cleans

In Dave’s opinion this is the best lift in the world.


Long, Sweaty, Gruelling WODS

Because they are great for the mind, body, soul and justifying pizza for breakfast.



Dave’s lifelong dream is to prove he can out-train a bad diet, but he feels like he is losing this battle.