Dan Duggan


Dan joined CrossFit MaxOn in 2018 after following some CrossFit athletes on social media and watching the CrossFit Games. Whilst not from a sporting background, inspired by the impressive fitness capabilities, Dan fell for the sport, which quickly became a lifestyle that he would never change.

He qualified as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in October 2020. Dan works hard on constantly improving his technique and thrives on pushing himself beyond his limits. He particularly enjoys the gymnastics element of CrossFit. A natural on the rig, he takes pride in helping others learn the technique for pull-ups, toes to bar, and muscle-ups.

Dan loves to coach and watch members walk out of the box with a big smile on their face after a particularly tough WOD. He takes pleasure in passing over his knowledge, helping individuals to achieve their goals and develop into the best athlete they can be.


Double Unders

Dan has a love-hate relationship with DUs… he just loves to hate them.


Fondness For Heavy WOD's

Always a competitive athlete, Dan does not enjoy being beaten by the ‘bigger’ lads.


Class Clown

Although serious about coaching, you will find Dan likes to bring fun to his training.


Muscle Ups

After gaining ring muscle-ups in just 5 weeks, Dan enjoys showing off his skills on the rig.